Rachel Kane

Upon completing her undergraduate education in Business Administration at San Diego State University, Rachel began her journey as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Academy of Sports and Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN). Her passion for health and wellness led her to build a career as personal trainer, where she incorporates the art of barre, yoga and pilates with the importance of a healthy diet through her nutrition counseling.

Rachel's love for health and wellness emerged 13 years ago as a yoga student herself, soon receiving certifications through Yoga Sculpt at Corepower Yoga and Total Barre through STOTTS Pilates, as well as certifications in weight management, special populations, and prenatal and postnatal pilates/yoga/barre.  Additionally, she completed the intensive Pilates Reformer training program through STOTTS, and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach.

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Joshanna Giannini

I started my personal Yoga and Pilates practice 13 years ago due to an injury, during this time I’ve been fortunate enough to round out my practice studying different modalities of Movement that have not only helped heal my physical body but my Emotional Body.  I have gone through Balanced Body Comprehensive Certification to include Mat/Reformer/Chair/Barrel/Cadillac apparatuses, as well as various Yoga/Trauma Informed/Somatic Therapy/ Dynamic Mindfulness/Active Aging/Senior Fitness Trainings.  My emphasis in a Pilates Practice is geared toward building a deeper connection with

Body, creating a Strength from within.  I also like to challenge the ideas of the practice via props and Inquiry, creating a Personal Practice and a Platform for Growth.  Overall I believe Pilates to be a functional tool to help us move better and be successful at life off of the equipment and mat.  Yes Strength and Stretch can be hard but fun work!!  Let's Move and get Strong in our Bodies together!! Now available for 1 hour Private Pilates Session~ reach me via any of the outlets below

Joshanna Giannini
Just Breathe Yoga and Pilates


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