Certified Personal Trainers are available for 30 and 60 minute sessions. These professionals will help you meet any
individualized goal, whether it be muscle toning, significant weight loss, or cardiovascular conditioning.
Figure 8 is the Women’s Workout Center for all of your needs!  


Catherine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from CSU Sacramento and a California Teaching Credential. She also has an MBA. She is an avid cyclist and downhill skier and has taught PE and coached at the high school level. She has been providing training with Figure 8 since 2016.

Catherine’s focus is on working with women over 50 years old to provide them with basic strength, balance and fitness to live a healthy life. Training focuses on cardio development, core strength, upper and lower body strength and flexibility. Through a mixture of light free weights, body weight, balance and flexibility, participants improve those areas most in need for them. A great deal of focus is on correct form, adapting exercises to meet any physical challenges, and especially on having FUN while doing it!

Please call or text Catherine directly with any questions or to schedule a consultation.


Katie Blomberg

Looking to make changes to your life? I am here to help...

My philosophy is simple: honor yourself, move your body, and take care of your beautiful shell. Baron Baptiste says it best, “if you are not living in truth you are cheating yourself. If you are living in a body {shell} weighted down and unhealthy, you are robbing yourself of your vitality. And if you are controlled by your fears and emotions, you have sacrificed your personal power.”

Too often I hear from my clients, ladies ranging in age from 21-70, how they are dissatisfied with their bodies, lack energy, want to be toned, or just don't want to feel the way they feel any more. With my help, through strength training and all forms of movement, through diet discussions and personal discussions, I can help you change all of that and start living the life you want to live and elevate yourself to the vision you've desired. 

My experience comes from myself and the permanent life changes I've made for me, and also through four years of personal training and group fitness. I currently teach nine group classes a week and have a variety of ladies I personal train. My personal training is created for each individual based on their own abilities, mobilities, and goals.

Safety and comfortability is the foundation and from there we take the steps to build energy, strength, mobility, and balance. Inspiring you to live elevated, for you + only you.



Shawna Virga

Shawna Virga has a Bachelor’s degree from CSUS in Kinesiology, Masters and California Teaching

Credential. She also teaches fitness classes as an adjunct faculty member at Sacramento City College.

She was nominated for 2017 Teacher of the Year in San Juan Unified school District. She has been a Personal trainer and Group Fitness instructor at Figure 8 since 2006.

My classes are challenging and appropriately paced. The variety and modifications are geared to meet individual needs in a group session. I focus on improving my clients five components of fitness: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility and Body Composition.
Please call or email for Pricing, Private Training and Class Schedule.