Fran Garcia

Fran teaches Gentle Yoga at The Studio



As a sixteen-year practitioner of yoga, I have personally experienced the transformational power of this ancient technology.

Through my classes, I hope to share some of the mindfulness and movement techniques that have inspired me and I use in my own practice.

The goal of all I share is to offer tools so students may have their own personal powerful practice and help them live more fully present, pleasurable, balanced lives.

May you awaken your body, find your path and live your truest self.

Gentle Yoga Class Description:
In this one hour class, students will be guided using gentle flow movement, strengthening poses, balancing poses, and breathing techniques. We will also be doing some free movement and mindfulness techniques. I will also share a little bit on yogic philosophy. In the future, I am hoping to incorporate a mindfulness " gongfu tea" service to the practice.