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Gen Larocque has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. Her packed classes are a blend of authentic spirituality, biomechanical based alignment cues and inspired storytelling, and heart oriented theming. Gen’s classes that are influenced by everyday life and are fun, positive, inspiring and light-hearted. Her attitude towards her students is open, loving and accepting. Gen is committed to building a lasting community in the hopes that we begin to understand that we are all fundamentally connected. 

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Gen Larocque


Yoga Basics - All Levels

This class series is for students that crave to know more about yoga, for those with an understanding of how to get into most basic yoga poses with ease,  and for those that would like to advance their yoga practice in a whole new way. 

This all levels class teaches the classic yoga postures through a deep awareness of biomechanical  alignment and precise actions in the body. Highly therapeutic, these alignment techniques help to refine your poses while it trains the mind and the heart to remain alert, open, focused and steady. The class is set up with the hope that for you this will be a playful exploration of yourself, your body and how liberating yoga can be. 

The basic postures are presented in challenging ways with a focus on the fundamentals of yoga. Classes address the needs of students who are new to yoga or those who might have an advanced practice. Be prepared to hold the poses for an extended period of time with the use of props for proper alignment. “Basics” doesn’t mean easy. Get ready to work. 

Gentle Yoga - for Beginners

This intention of this class is to parent a supportive and encouraging space created to facilitate learning and self empowerment. It is designed to make all who attend feel comfortable, at ease and introduce students to a beautiful way to open up the body. Set at a slower pace, this class is geared to people with no prior yoga experience. we will focus on the correct of alignment and breathing basics. 

Yoga provides the means to bring out the best in each individual. This requires an understanding of a person’s present condition, personal potential, appropriate goals and the means available. As each person is different, these will vary with each individual.


Yoga Basics - All Levels:   Begins Monday March 21st, 2016
Gentle Yoga for Beginners :   Begins Wednesday, March 23st 6-7pm

10 CLASS PASS: $130